Welcome to my bare-bones portfolio site. I am a back-end developer living and working in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I am currently working with Asimov building data infrastructure.

In a previous life, I was part of Toast's growth from 30ish engineers to over 100, and I helped build a lot of the systems for helping scientists build models from speech data for the Amazon Echo.

I grew up in New York and Virginia, and graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (It was a catch!).


My professional interests generally lie in solving problems in on back end of a system, building distributed, reliable systems and simple tools.

From a high level, I'm interested in:

especially in cases where they apply to:

When I write software, I like to focus on:


Languages and Libraries

I've written a significant amount of production code in:

I've built a number of cool things in:

I'm also interested in learning and working with:

Techniques and Technologies